We want your Armies not your Tears

The people of the Gaza Strip facing Israeli bombardment and air raids night and day, must shut the doors in the face of the delegation of Arab foreign ministers and demand that they go back where they came from.

The people of Gaza do not want ‘tourists’ at ministerial level or secretary generals to come to their land, pretend to feel their pain and make a show of their expressions of friendship and solidarity.

These people have not given Gaza a single penny and have not rebuilt a single home that was reduced to rubble during the Israeli aggression in the winter of 2006. They have not broken a suffocating and humiliating blockade that has lasted for ten years. Why then should the people of the Strip receive them with open arms and roll out the red carpet, coloured with the blood of their martyrs and their wounded?

The people of the Strip do not want pity. What they want is advanced modern weapons with which to defend their children and their dignity against the Israeli terrorism that has, until the writing of these words, harvested more than 100 lives, a large percentage of whom are children.

Why don’t these people jostle, as we have seen them do in recent weeks, to present the Gaza resistance factions with anti-aircraft Stinger missiles with which to neutralize the enemy’s air force? Or are these weapons ‘haram’ for use against Israelis for the protection of Palestinian ‘Sunnis’?

We also ask the great Islamic scholars and their associations as to why a fatwa for jihad in Palestine has not been issued and why there have been no donation drives in support of the mujahideen in Palestine?

Why are mosques not being used to achieve this?

We feel bitterness and pain as we see that the great majority of Arab foreign ministers absence themselves from a meeting that was reluctantly called for by the Arab League to discuss the current reality of Gaza.

The people of the Gaza Strip do not want Arab foreign ministers as brokers, but as family and partners. Brokerage is for strangers but not for people who share the same blood, the same faith and the same burden.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Prime Minister of Turkey, spoke the truth when he visited Cairo, stating that the Arab League had done nothing for the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The people of the Gaza Strip are, for the second time – or perhaps for the tenth time – exposed to the repugnant terrorist face of Israel for the whole world to see, with their sacrifices and the blood of their martyred children. Their rockets are instilling terror into the hearts of over five millions Israelis.

For the first time since the Arab-Israeli conflict began 70 years ago, there is a balance of terror; the cosseted, pampered Israelis have had a taste of fear. This is the biggest achievement of this legendary feat of endurance.

Khaled Mishaal was telling the truth when he said in a press conference in Cairo yesterday that it was Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu who was requesting a truce and a ceasefire. He knows very well the threats and the political and human losses that can befall him and his entity if he went on with the killing and the massacres, or sent his tanks to invade Gaza.

The West Bank is beginning to rise up, and as it rises, it is shaking the ground from under the enemy’s feet and the feet of its settlers. We see the growing saplings of an awakening in the authority and an end to division. We hope that these initiatives and signals indicate a new beginning, not a ploy to absorb the anger in the Palestinian street in the towns and villages of the West Bank.

Death no longer holds any fear for the Palestinian people and they will not stop resisting until they have won all their rights intact. The countdown for this path began the moment the first Fajr-5 rocker hit the heart of Tel Aviv: the rocket that has turned a new page in the history books and shattered all previous equations.

At this point, we warn the resistance against accepting a ceasefire with Israeli conditions and under Arab pressure, even in return for a partial or a full lift of the blockade. The Palestinian arsenal is for self-defence against the tremendous Israeli military-machine of terror that does not conform to any moral standards. Self-defence is a right granted by all international conventions.

In conclusion, we repeat our demand for the steadfast, longsuffering people of Gaza to send the foreign ministers back to where they have come from – but with utmost politeness – and tell them that they are welcome to return if they come bearing Stinger missiles and others capable of dealing effectively with the Israeli tanks.

We would never say 'kick them out' – we are too polite for that.