Two blows for the United States

The US administrations received two big blows in the last 10 days. The first was the storming of its consulate in Libya's Benghazi and killing its ambassador along with three other diplomats. The second blow was the NATO's decision of suspending all the joint operations against the Taliban, which were held in cooperation with the Afghani security forces, working theoretically under President Hamid Karzai's authority. The common factor between the two blows was the fact that the US administration during the eras of both Barack Obama and George W. Bush carried out military attacks against the two ruling regimes of Afghanistan and Libya in order to liberate the Libyan people from a corrupted dictator, and the Afghani people from a terrorist and uncivilised regime that provided a stronghold for al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. The first blow left the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shocked, and the shock pushed her to wonder how this can happen in a country which she believes: "How this can happen in a country which we helped to liberate, and a city (Benghazi) which we saved from destruction?" Maybe Mrs Clinton has failed to recognise that the thing that incited the raging protests all over the Muslim countries was actually a US-made disgusting movie, which abused and insulted more than one and a half billion Muslims from all over the world. The raging protesters in Libya stormed the US consulate in Benghazi and killed the ambassador who thought the US consulate in Benghazi will be safer than the embassy in Tripoli which was protected by armed militias. While the protesters in Afghanistan didn’t find a US embassy to storm, it did n't find US troops to attack, so they attacked them leaving six soldiers dead, four Americans and two British. Mrs Clinton will never understand this outrage or realise the reasons behind it, simply because all her information about the region was provided by research institutes controlled by Israeli-loyal experts. This is the main reason behind the consecutive failures of the US administration in the Middle East, arguably the most important region for the United States in terms of strategic interests.

Eleven years since the beginning of its presence in Afghanistan, the NATO decided to change its strategy in the country, as it lost confidence in more than 250,000 Afghani soldiers and security agents trained by NATO itself costing $ 6 billion. This was simply because NATO realised that about 25 percent of the attacks targeting its troops in the country, were actually carried out by those soldiers and agents. It is just a massive setback for the NATO, as the trained Afghani forces were initially supposed to hold all the security missions in Afghanistan after the NATO's withdrawal from the country in 2014, while the current situation could mean that NATO will find no trustful forces to assume this mission, and will also find no president to succeed Karzai who announced that he will not run for any upcoming election. Taliban can now celebrate victory against the NATO, a victory achieved through a solid struggle, and extraordinary ability in planning attacks and recruiting fighters even within the government's troops. The United States along with its allies have deployed an army full of junkies and drug addicted soldiers in Afghanistan, so a shocking result should be nothing but expected for them. Official reports showed that more than two thirds of NATO soldiers in Afghanistan are used to take drugs, and the habit is becoming more popular amongst the rest of the soldiers. I wonder how the Americans believed that the newly founded Afghani army will be loyal to them, especially after President Barack Obama announced that all the NATO troops will withdraw in 2014 according to the scheduled timeline, so why the Afghani soldiers would fight against Taliban whose tribe, the Pashtun, poses almost half of Afghanistan's population, and all the expectations say that they will be the future rulers of the country? When the US soldiers pee over the dead bodies of slain Taliban fighters, other soldiers tear copies of the holy koran into pieces, a screwed up soldier walk into a village and opens fire at the local residents killing 18 people most of them women and children, then he pours gasoline on their dead bodies, set them on fire and watches their bodies burning while he smokes his cigarette. After all these conducts how any of the Afghani soldiers will have any sort of loyalty or sympathy with the NATO troops?

The NATO went to Afghanistan with massive forces and aircraft in order to get rid of al-Qaeda and their allies of Taliban. The final result of their war was that al-Qaeda groups have actually expanded and Taliban is set to return on top of the ruling regime in Afghanistan. One wonders whose genius convinced the NATO states to walk into the Afghani hell, which nobody has entered and returned as a winner throughout the last thousand years? Needless to say they are the neoconservatives' research centres which only care about their loyalty to Israel. There are some indications that the United States will deploy military aircraft and land troops in Libya in order to take revenge for the death of their diplomats. If these reports are true, it will therefore be good news for the Jihadists who know that the US revenge from al-Qaeda after the September 11 attacks cost the Americans more than $ 500 billion in Afghanistan and double the sum in Iraq. The US has deservedly gained the hate of Arabs and Muslims because of its support to the dictatorial regimes in the region and their extreme bias to Israel. It is gaining more hate in the region after the Arab Spring as it keeps the same old strategy. Mrs Clinton, along with the neo-conservatives who provide her with the research that only serves Israel's benefits, needs to take lessons in the Middle East's history and geography in order to avoid receiving new shocks just like the shock of Benghazi. We are sure to promise her that if she really wants to learn these lessons, we will provide her with honest instructors.