America’s Cowardly Drone War

As the world's sights were directed at Syria to follow the Eid Al-Adha truce proposed by the UN-Arab League envoy, Lakhdar Brahimi, tribal sources in Yemen revealed that three Yemenis were killed in an airstrike carried out by US drones in Yemen's northern province of Saada.

Two of the three martyrs were Saudis while the third was a Yemeni national – the justification of their killing was that they allegedly belonged to Al-Qaeda. The three were targeted whilst attending the wedding of the son of Sheikh Omar Saleh Atteis, an Al-Qaeda leader in Yemen.

Obviously, none of the Al-Qaeda fighters has placed a nametag on his chest to indicate his affiliation.

It is therefore possible that some of the slain people – whom the United States targets for their affiliation to Al-Qaeda – are actually innocent civilians and have nothing to do with this conflict. It has been reported more than once that US drones have missed their targets and killed civilians including women and children.

Since 2004, the United States has been carrying out drone attacks against targets in six Muslim countries: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen and most recently Libya. These attacks have killed 3,350 people to date, nearly a third of them were civilians, including a toll of 880 women and children. The rest were labelled by the United States as being Islamist extremists who belong to Al-Qaeda and Taliban. However, nobody has tried to verify the US classification of the victims, or question the legitimacy of the war crimes committed by the Americans for the sake of fighting terrorism. The entire world and the Muslim world in particular have been colluding in these crimes.

Legally, the United States is not involved in a war, except with Afghanistan, so the Americans have to explain why they are carrying out airstrikes to kill people in Somalia, Yemen, Libya and Iraq? Is the presence of some fighters who allegedly belong to Al-Qaeda stands as an enough justification for the United States to send drones targeting them everywhere in the world? Isn't this a clear violation of the sovereignty of many countries?

The Arab-Muslim state of Yemen had never declared war against the United States, but this didn't stop the latter from turning the Yemeni territories into a large battlefield, into which the Americans sent drones earlier to kill their own nationals, like the US citizen Anwar Awlaki, who was killed alongside his 16 year old son in a US drone strike in Yemen.

The Noble Peace Prize winner, President Barack Obama has earned his prize through launching wars in six Muslims countries using these drones. Israel, the close ally of Obama and his country, has also depended on sophisticated US technology to assassinate Hamas leaders throughout the last decade – starting with the assassination of Hamas' founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, then his successor on top of the movement's leadership, Dr Abdelaziz Rantissi, and just yesterday a Hamas fighter was killed by a drone in Gaza to join four others killed in less than a week.

The former US Defence Secretary Robert Gates set a rule for his successors: Not to tell any US president to send land troops to the Middle East, Asia or Africa.

Following this rule, President Obama has promised to withdraw all US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and to replace them with drones targeting whoever US intelligence thinks is a terrorist. Since he took office, Obama has signed some 350 decisions to send drones to kill those alleged terrorists.

This might be the most cowardly war ever, as we see a superpower sending this kind of aircraft to poor countries which have next to zero defence capabilities, in order to kill domestic nationals of these countries, without even consulting the national governments.

The days of the direct US intervention in the Islamic world are now gone, giving way to a new fashion; the unmanned drones which can kill targets with no possibility of human loss to the US. Needless to say those targets are always Muslims.

Maybe that is why the United States is reluctant to send these drones to Syria as it did before in Libya because Muslims are already killing each other in this country, instead of forcing the western powers to kill them and create rifts amongst them. This allows the United States to delay its intervention in Syria – at least for the current time.

The United States, along with other NATO members have never sent a single soldier to Libya during their military campaign against Muammer Gaddafi's regime. They sent aircrafts and warships, but after the murder of the US ambassador to Libya in an attack against the US consulate in Benghazi, the United States decided to send 20 drones to the country to take revenge on the culprits and to open a new front of war in a country which is already struggling to find security, stability and to rebuild the state's institutions.

We wouldn't be surprised if the Americans decide to intervene in Syria at a later stage, not for eliminating the ruling regime; but for hunting down the Jihadist fighters, whether they are locals or foreigners who came from countries like Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Chechnya, Pakistan and Yemen.

This dirty, unethical and illegal war is the shortest way to escalate hostility against the United States in the region, and for facilitating the extremists' mission in recruiting more fighters and supporters, and finding new footholds for them all over the world, even in non-Muslim countries.

The Muslim nations who rose up against their dictators must also rose up against the greater hegemony of the United States. They have to stop being obedient and say a big "NO" to the war crimes committed by the United States and Israel; the crimes that trigger turmoil and instability in the region without losing a single US or Israeli soldier.

During the last few days we have witnessed a drone attack on an industrial complex in Sudan, then other attacks on several targets in Gaza, and finally on a wedding ceremony in Yemen, yet we didn't see a single protest in front of any of the US embassies in the region, is this how the Muslim nation defends itself?